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TV Tech's New Look

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Thirty-seven years ago, TV Technology was launched to cover an industry that was in the early stages of the multichannel revolution we saw in television throughout the 80s. Cable news was new and specialty channels were becoming the norm but digital was still a ways off.

A decade later, DirecTV introduced digital television to the masses, with broadcasters following closely behind. A decade or so into the new century, streaming finally became the hugely profitable and ubiquitous service that we see today. But it took a vast collective of the best minds from private enterprise, government and standards bodies to bring this new media landscape to reality.

TV Technology has closely documented these developments and has worked hard to stay true to our goals to serve the media industry with the most comprehensive source of TV technology news anywhere.

Like everyone else, we were happy to see 2020 finally see its end, much like the guest who overstayed their welcome. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe the effects of the pain, anguish, death and uncertainty that the past year brought to our world.

So we turn to 2021 with a sense of cautionary hope; that vaccinations will help bring us back to a relative sense of the normal we once experienced (yes, there are a number of things that will not return, but the phrase “new normal” is now a part of our lexicon, unfortunately).

Along with the hope of reopening our lives and livelihoods, 2021 will offer many of us the opportunity to do a reboot, or a “refresh” if you will. It is in this spirit that we are launching a new look and renewed purpose at TV Technology.

Over the years, we, along with our readers, have taken to calling our magazine “TV Tech,” so often that we decided to go with the flow.

Along with the new look, you’ve also probably noticed that we’ve relaunched our daily email newsletter, TV Technology Newsbytes, now TV Tech Smartbrief. We’ve enhanced the look and breadth of industry coverage by bringing the power of the Smartbrief platform to TV Tech. In 2020, we also launched “TV Tech Talk,” providing an online forum for discussing the latest developments in television production. Look for an expanded schedule this year.

The past year has brought enormous changes to our industry and the pace of change is most likely expected to increase. Rest assured that even with a new look, we’ll continue to bring the best insight into this rapidly evolving marketplace.

Check out our January cover:

TV Tech January 2021

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