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Turner Broadcasting builds service replication with OmniBus iTX

Turner Broadcasting System has created a new system using OmniBus iTX designed to provide short-term backup and service replication in the event of unexpected or planned interruption to Turner's Atlanta-based entertainment channels.

A key requirement for the system was the ability to mimic existing workflows of the primary channel and emulate a fully crafted on-screen look with nearly seamless channel identity. Although based on completely different technology, the iTX system is able to replicate the output of Turner's conventional transmission chains with intact channel branding and full integration with the primary facility's traffic and metadata systems.

The iTX Business Continuity Process system supports the AMWA ASO2 MXF OP1b format chosen as a standard across all of Turner's facilities. The format allows Turner to reference multiple audio files for a single piece of video, providing greater versatility in handling commercials and multilingual broadcasts.

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