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Trinity Installs Stantron Broadcast E-Rack

Stantron, a division of Mayville Products Corp., announced the installation of its Stantron Broadcast E-Racks at Trinity Broadcast Network’s production and broadcast facility in Tustin, Calif.

The network recently completed a facility upgrade that included 17 Stantron Broadcast E-Racks with a Pioneer Seismic Frame. TBN’s long-time system integrator, TV Magic, worked with TBN from the initial design concept through completion.

“Stantron products offer a wide selection of accessories that allow us to be flexible,” said Gus Allmann, TV Magic’s chief technical officer. “Choosing the right rack really can eliminate headaches down the line—it’s only an extra 1.75 inches, but it allows you to place a 1 RU device that you don’t often need to reach at the top of the rack, leaving more useable space in the ergonomic portion of the rack where engineers can easily reach and touch items stored inside.

“They hit the sweet spot, by offering 45 RU instead of 44 RU in a rack of similar height.”

Available in a variety of heights and depths, the Stantron Broadcast Rack also includes horizontal lacing brackets to simplify the management of cables by spreading them from front to back.