Toronto's FrameBender Puts Panasonic HVX200 to Test

The Toronto-based production and post house, Framebender, has been putting Panasonic's HVX200 P2 technology through numerous trials during the past months.

Tim Martin, a partner in FrameBender said the company initially thought it would use the HVX200 for in-house branding or experimental projects, some corporate work and low-end commercials, but after experimenting with other applications the results were so good that the HVX200 was being used for most all of FrameBender's jobs.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the HVX200's image quality," Mason said. "And clients were extremely satisfied with the price-to-image ratio. So the HVX200 has become our go-to camera for most projects."

The camcorder provides multiple HD and SD formats, variable frame rates and multiple recording modes. The unit's small size provides some advantages also. These features were used to advantage in a recent hospital shoot.

"In operating rooms, where lights are specifically positioned to cast light down onto an object, we were surprised by how well the camera handled the contrast, leaving information in the whites and not completely crushing the blacks," said Martin. "Research labs with three-foot aisles are not the most spacious places. The HVX200's small size really helped in these situations."

The HVX200 has been in use at FrameBender for two months and is destined to see increasing use in the months ahead, the company said.