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To win new online revenue, TV stations should establish new brands

Pete Conti Jr., senior VP of Borrell Associates, a research and consulting firm that monitors the ad market and helps media clients identify executive strategies, believes it’s time local TV stations rethink how they approach the Internet.

At the Competitive Television Summit in Orlando, FL, Conti said it’s time for TV stations to reconsider how they brand themselves online. He pointed to two popular movies, “The Matrix” and “Terms of Endearment,” to make his point. Some brands can be merchandised and extended, some can’t. “The Matrix” action figures, games and bubble gum make sense. But it’s hard to imagine a “Terms of Endearment” action figure, he said.

So too, TV stations seeking new revenue on the Web should embrace establishing other online brands that can be extended into new markets while separately maintaining their core TV brand, he advised.

This week, Conti discusses the Internet, ad revenue, branding and what stations can do to become more successful online.

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