Time Warner cable rejects HD antenna that eliminates need for “expensive cable service”

The makers of a consumer HDTV antenna said last week that Time Warner Cable would not run the company’s ad campaign in the Kansas City and Columbus, Ohio, markets.

The antenna company, Mohu, said in a press release that the cable company refused to run a commercial for the Mohu Leaf antenna because it states that with the antenna, viewers “do not need cable.”

The commercial explains that HD sports and entertainment are available at no charge via off-air HDTV reception with the antenna. Viewers don’t need “expensive cable service to watch HD programs,” the commercial says, adding that “most top-rated shows are broadcast free over the air in full high definition.”

The company expects to make its product available in the United States and Canada for the holidays.

"The top-20 rated shows on television are available free with no monthly bills. Of course we wanted to run the commercial on cable just like DirecTV or other satellite companies run their ads. And we thought we should have the right to," says company president Mark Buff.