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Thomson Grass Valley announces new alliances and digital production tools

With its Grass Valley LDK 6000 mkII WorldCam high-definition camera firmly entrenched at virtually every major mobile production company in the United States, Thomson brought a number of new products that promote production efficiency to NAB2004.

Grass Valley's Maestro branding and master control system

While spotlighting a wide variety of new products to the Grass Valley brand product lines, the company also outlined several key technology partnerships with companies such as Apple Computer, Panasonic, Sony, Telestream and Teranex.

The Grass Valley Maestro branding and master control system is a next-generation system that enables users to combine embedded branding and full-featured master control capabilities with traditional signal-processing components --all in the same frame.

The Grass Valley Profile 6G, the new sixth-generation Profile video server, uses the same user interface and now includes the ability to operate in SD/HD modes in less rack space.

The Grass Valley Kayak HD digital vision mixer is a new single 1 M/E KayakDD switcher designed for live production, small corporate studios and editing applications. The SD version of the Kayak switcher, introduced this time last year, is extremely popular: Thomson has already shipped 175 of them, including more than 40 to China alone.

The new Grass Valley LDK 6200 HD Super SloMo digital camera system provides high-quality replays and super slow-motion effects in native HD resolutions and offers customers the last major missing link in the HD production chain. It records data into an EVS HD-XT digital disc recorder.

Also for the LDK 6000 mk II WorldCam camera, Thomson is unveiling a hybrid fiber adapter that enables transmission of HD video up to 4000 meters over fiber-optic cable. There's an existing triax version of the camera transmission as well.

Thomson has also forged a key technology partnership with Telestream to have Telestream’s MAPone encoding system with a NewsEdit LT laptop editor. Using WiFi technology, the powerful combination becomes a complete remote wireless transmission system. The Telestream MAPone technology can also be used in tandem with NewsEdit LT to send news stories from any Internet-capable coffee shop or hotel room.

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