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Telecast Fiber to Support CBS's Golf Coverage

CBS Sports will use a number of Telecast Fiber's fiber optic systems for its extensive coverage of PGA Tour golf events this spring, beginning with the MCI Heritage.

The network will use Telecast's Adder, Cobra, DiamondBack, SHED and Viper fiber optic transceivers to support 41 HD and 10 SD cameras positioned throughout the course. CBS staff will link into an existing single-mode fiber infrastructure to transmit video and audio signals from cameras to a central hub and then via its own fiber to OB vans for broadcasting to CBS' downlink sites.

The installations will feature 17 HD Cobra systems used in conjunction with Sony HD cameras for close up coverage. The network will also include 25 of Telecast's SHED HDX SMPTE hybrid-to-fiber converters linked to Ikegami and additional Sony cameras. Other Telecast equipment on site will include six announce-tower packages incorporating the Adder, DiamondBack and Viper systems supporting on-air commentary and wide-angle views of the greens.