Telecast Fiber Systems and Inertia Unlimited team for NASCAR coverage

For the Daytona 500, Telecast Fiber Systems’ HD POV fiber-optic video/data transceiver modules gave NASCAR fans a unique "gopher's-eye view" of the action at track level. The HD POV system provides the signal transport component for the Gopher Cam, a specialized remote camera system developed by Inertia Unlimited and commissioned by FOX Sports and NASCAR Media Group for coverage of several NASCAR auto race events.

The Gopher Cam consists of a set of four HD cameras that are buried below the asphalt track surface at key NASCAR race venues. The system provides unique camera angles, providing a view of the cars zooming around the turns at track level. The Gopher Cam was also used to cover the NASCAR races in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Bristol, TN.

A component of Telecast’s Viper II family of modular fiber-optic platforms, the HD POV system carries HD video, audio and data signals from the Gopher Cams over the NASCAR venue’s existing fiber ring. Through bidirectional transmission of data, FOX Sports video engineers can control all of the cameras’ paint functions and iris settings remotely. The Telecast HD POV system gives FOX the data transport method it needs to ensure that the images from the various HD cameras match.

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