Tech Author/Reviewer Urges Next-Gen DVD Boycott

A tech author and contributing editor to PC Magazine is suggesting that consumers boycott both Blu-ray and HD DVD players for now, until a better choice in the format war is available for buyers. Other reviewers in recent months have suggested wait-and-see approaches, as well.

Jan Ozer said in a PC Magazine online review that by introducing two competing standards, "the industry is guaranteeing that this bipolar relationship will continue, and that neither 2006 nor 2007 will be the year of high-res home video."

Ozer suggests consumers should keep producing DVD discs on their current DVD recorders.

"Join me in voting against Blu-ray and HD DVD with your wallet," Ozer wrote. "Frankly, leaders in both camps should be embarrassed at presenting such a fractured non-solution -- forcing buyers to assume the risk of either technology falling by the wayside. As much as it hurts, I'm going to stay away from both technologies until the smoke clears and the DVD industry settles on a single standard."