Study finds simply porting content to new devices not adequate

Traditional media companies across the United States must adapt and integrate their content with new distribution channels or risk becoming replaced by new competitors, according to Kanbay Research Institute (KRI).

In "Media content demand 2006: How well media content providers deliver on consumer desires," the researcher tracks media content across four categories: broadcast channels, cable channels, news channels and Web channels.

For the study, KRI conducted 1713 interviews with U.S. consumers to rate 30 different media channels when viewing their content on a TV, Web-PC or mobile device, such as a cell phone or Apple iPod.

Porting today's TV programs "as is" to the Web or Mobile devices won't meet most consumer desires because they find viewing devices and content length are connected. For example, most consumers want short-clips from highly focused cable channels, such as news and travel, on mobile devices versus full 30- or 60-minute programs.

Based on ability to deliver across 12 desired attributes of media content, consumers rated the following providers as most desired across all viewing devices:

· News channel: Headline News

· Cable channel: HGTV

· Broadcast channel: The WB Network (Private)

· Web channel: Google

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