Study: DTV Sets Easier to Use than Child Car Seats

Consulting firm User Vision asked 500 consumers to name the items in everyday life which they found the most difficult to use. While U.S. consumers may not find digital TV to be an everyday item, in the U.K. almost 62 percent of the households have digital TV, according to U.K. telecommunications regulator Ofcom. In the survey, digital television ranked just below child car seat installation in difficulty by a small margin--53 percent picked child car sites compared with 50 percent for digital TV systems--to take the number three spot. What was the most difficult item to use? Video recorders, of course! Sixty percent of the consumers put them at the top of the list.

Digital cameras ranked fourth in difficulty, with far fewer consumers selecting them (40 percent versus 50 percent) than digital TV systems.

For the complete list, which includes washing machines, "tin-openers," handheld computers and "non-disposable nappies," (diapers) see the User Vision report Video recorders and child car sets top list of difficult-to-use everyday items.