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Stations devote more staff to Web; most remain wary of efforts

As TV stations continue efforts to capitalize on the public’s appetite for online news, more full- and part-time newsroom staffing is being devoted to the Web, according to the findings of a new RTNDA/Hofstra University Web survey.

TV station staff respondents said their organizations have added about half a person, on average, on a full-time basis and more than one person on a part-time basis to staffing for the Web. Staffing increases for the Web were broad based, touching all market sizes, the survey reported.

While staffing commitment is growing, many respondents report more progress on the Web is needed. Only 38 percent of radio and TV news directors participating in the survey said they think their stations are on top of new technology.

According to the findings, the number of news staffers who help with the Web has continued to grow, and the difference by market size continues to flatten out for radio and TV.

In terms of content, respondents perceived that Web audiences are most interested in local news and weather. The survey revealed a substantial increase in live newscasts and audio streaming from TV Web sites. The use of recorded newscasts dropped compared to last year. According to the survey, radio stations have increased their use of pictures and video clips.