Sony Rolls out 1080p POV Cam

Sony is now rolling out a point-of-view (POV) HD cam camera with a solid-state recorder combo (model HXR-MC1). The professional camera—basically built for hard-to-mount places—contains a 10x zoom lens and a built-in mic, and has a footprint of only 1.5x1.6875x3.5 inches. It captures video in 1080p.

It's designed for remote-control handling and attachment to moving objects such as football helmets, planes and vehicles, as well as typically difficult mount positions such as towers, trees and small confinements. Sony said the POV cam's design separates the camera head from the control unit/recorder, allowing more flexibility to capture shots in video applications where increased mobility is necessary.

The unit relies on Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo media (which uses AVCHD compression). Sony said the HXR-MC1 can record up to six hours of 1080p content using a 16GB Memory Stick.