Sony celebrates New York, launches truck tour

Sony has landed a large New York facility contract just as it completed construction of another. The manufacturer was awarded a multi-million dollar contract with A.F. Associates, the New Jersey-based systems integrator, for CNN’s new Manhattan studio. This came as a new Sony-equipped digital facility for the satellite and cable TV-delivered New York Network, New York State’s official network, was opened in Albany.

The CNN contract is for the development and system integration of production studios at the new Time Warner headquarters in New York City. Pat Whittingham, Sony Electronics president, said Sony will be providing CNN with vast integration and technical expertise

The CNN job, due for completion by fall 2004, will include project management, engineering, off-site fabrication and installation services using AFA’s headquarters in Northvale, N.J. and Sony facilities in Oradell, N.J. and San Jose, Calif.

New York Network’s new digital facility, adjacent to the State Capitol in Albany’s Empire State Plaza, features an SD digital infrastructure, with the flexibility to add HD in the future. With a total contract value of $10.6 million, the state-owned NYN Broadcast Center encompasses three studios and production control rooms, two nonlinear edit suites, an announce booth, automation, archiving, satellite links and field production facilities.

The facility has seven Sony HDC-950 HD studio cameras, three Sony MVS-8000 multi-format switchers with integrated digital multi effects, 13 DVW-A500 Digital Betacam videotape recorders, and three DMX-R100 digital audio mixing consoles. They also use a full complement of Fujinon HD studio and HD handheld ENG-style lenses.

The “Work Smart, Work Sony” tour will include a full demonstration of Sony’s new XDCAM equipment and how it fits in with the company’s new networked “workflow” solutions.

In other Sony news, the manufacturer has just launched a truck tour in New York City that will visit nearly 90 U.S. locations over the next seven months. Dubbed the “Work Smart, Work Sony” tour, the 51-foot rig features a full array of gear designed to personally show local broadcasters and TV professionals demonstrations of new networked “workflow” solutions. This includes a full demonstration of Sony’s new XDCAM equipment--that stores images on professional optical media discs instead of videotape--and how it fits in with the company’s new networked “workflow” solutions.

Sony has created a Web site,, so customers can check tour dates and cities, as well as pre-register for demonstrations.

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