Software Defined Radio at Wireless Innovations Exhibit

If you did not have a chance to make it to the Wireless Innovations exhibit sponsored by the NTIA and FCC mentioned last week, six hours of panel sessions are available in Real Audio format at More information and links to photos can be found at

One of the exhibitors, Vanu Inc., described its demonstration in a Press Release. The Vanu software-defined radio used a standard, off-the-shelf HP-Compaq iPAQ handheld running the Linux operating system. The radio transceiver, housed in a standard iPAQ expansion pack, operates from 100 MHz to 475 MHz. "Vanu Software Radio" implements all the signal processing on the iPAQ. The device demonstrated supports commercial analog FM radio services, including the Family Radio Service, and the Public Safety APCO 25 digital standard. Future units will extend the frequency range to 900 MHz and add support for cellular and PCS standards such as TDMA and GSM.