SMPTE Releases 2020 Progress Report on 'The New Normal'

(Image credit: SMPTE)

WHITE PLAINS, NY—The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has issued its 2020 Progress Report, featuring updates from numerous partner organizations including the American Society of Cinematographers, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Advanced Television Systems Committee, Consumer Technology Association, DDP, DVB, Advanced Media Workflow Association, Video Services Forum, Joint Taskforce on Networked Media, ITU-R, European Broadcast Union, World Wide Web Consortium, Streaming Video Alliance and others.  

The report, entitled "The New Normal" is published in the September "SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal" and is free to SMPTE members. 

"Writing about progress in a year that is full of uncertainty and challenges is rather interesting," SMPTE said in announcing the report. "The global economy has been witnessing an unprecedented transformation almost instantly for more than six months now. Before we ever learned about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the world was focused on Brexit and gearing up for the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign.

"Now, all of that has become a distant memory, as we try to rebuild and create new economic models. As I am sure you’ve heard and learned, the beauty of innovation is that it can thrive manifold, especially during difficult times."