SMPTE fall conference spotlights digital media ecosystem

At the upcoming Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 2010 Technical Conference and Expo, a variety of existing and next-generation technologies and system designs will be discussed in detail. The conference will be held Oct. 25-28 in Hollywood, CA, at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel.

Among the next-generation topics of discussion are digital cinema architectures; 3-D TV updates; new wireless acquisition, production and distribution approaches; and IP-based video distribution.

“The conference will attempt to bring new understanding of the complex issues that broadcasters and production professionals face in their everyday lives,” said Barbara Lange, executive director of SMPTE. “Of course, we have a tradition in solving technical topics, but I think the real challenge for our members is how to translate that technology into supporting successful business models. The conference looks to help navigate that through a number of subjects that are most important to today’s highly competitive environment.”

The conference will be preceded by a one-day, preconference seminar on Oct. 25 that will provide an overview of the evolving digital media ecosystem and how the latest tools, technologies and techniques can be used to create an efficient future-proof media workflow.

Discussion topics will include technologies and techniques for improving productivity and supporting innovative business models, such as over-the-top (OTT) video streaming; digital rights management; the changing landscape of digital journalists; and content preproduction for multiplatform delivery and display environments.

“As this industry is changing so fast, there’s a lot of technology that is being presented at lots of conferences [such as 3-D],” Lange said, “but at our conference we want to cut to the chase and help members and conference attendees get a handle on what matters to them in the most concise way possible.”

The theme for this year’s three-day Technical Conference and Expo will be “Technological Insights Across the Digital Media Ecosystem,” and will feature technology and scientific experts addressing such issues as digital cinema architectures; 3-D for in-theater, broadcast, and in-home approaches; HD and ultra-HD; new wireless acquisition, production, and distribution approaches; next-generation broadcast, cable, and satellite networks; and next-generation broadcast opportunities via the Internet, mobile TV, and other personal video devices, IP--based TV services.

The 2010 SMPTE Technical Conference and Expo also will feature an update of the work by SMPTE on a stereoscopic 3-D Home Master standard that will be key to enabling 3-D feature films and other programming to be played on home television and computer displays regardless of the delivery channels.
A complete description of the sessions is available at the SMPTE website.