SMPTE Conference Ends With New Bylaws Approval

The annual Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Tech Conference & Expo event wrapped up Thursday evening, but not before a new set of bylaws and articles of incorporation were unanimously adopted and numerous awards and honors bestowed on several of the organization’s members.

The ratification of the new ruling structure for the 94-year-old organization took place at a general membership meeting held on Wednesday evening. As explained by revisions committee chair Pat Griffis, the original 1916 SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture Engineers or SMPE, then) was no longer valid.

“We did a legal audit in 2009 and found the District of Columbia where we’re incorporated changed their laws,” said Griffis. “From 1916 to 2009, as you might suspect, there have been a few changes. We found that we were not necessarily compliant with the law. Constitutions are no longer recognized under the laws of the District of Columbia, so the governing document that we’ve been using is not recognized any longer.”

Following Griffis’s explanation of the issues involved, a new SMPTE governing document was submitted for a vote, with the members in attendance and earlier proxy ballots overwhelmingly approving adoption of the new bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Conference activities included presentation of a record number of technical papers covering a wide range of television and motion picture industry topics and issues. These included a special emphasis on 3D production, distribution, and display; file-based workflows, DTV audio challenges; ultra high-definition television, content piracy; restoration of archival media; Mobile DTV and more.

A total of 11 SMPTE and industry awards were presented in a special Thursday evening ceremony, and 12 of the organization’s members were elevated to the membership level of Fellow. These included, Jay C. Adrick, Al Barton, William Elswick, Robert J. Gilmartin, Michael Golitzinsky, Paul Hearty, Bill Hogan, Bob Lambert, Harry Mathias, Clyde McKinney, Kohji Mitani, and Nestor M. Rodriguez.

According to SMPTE’s executive director, Barbara Lange, more than 1,100 persons attend this year’s event. Next year’s SMPTE Tech Conference & Expo event will also be held in Hollywood, Oct. 24-27. --James E. O'Neal