Smartwatch Display Shipments to Reach All-Time High in 2015

TOKYO – Good thing there is a calculator on most of these smartwatches, because the number of smartwatch display shipments for 2015 predicted by IHS is heading for an all-time high. Led by the new Apple Watch, IHS predicts 34 million smartwatch display unit shipments will be made in 2015, a 250 percent growth from 2014.

Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode panels, which are used for both the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear, will represent a majority of the panels shipped at 58 percent. Apple Watch, which was released on April 24, makes up 84 percent of all AMOLED smartwatch panels and 49 percent of the total smartwatch panels shipped.

IHS provides insight and analytics for today’s business landscape. IHS’ prediction comes from the “Quarterly Small/Medium Shipment and Forecast Report,” which covers worldwide and regional shipments of all displays 9-inches or smaller.