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Small 11 GHz Antenna From RFS Meets FCC Part 101 Category A Reqs

RFS announced the feed system of its three-foot SU3-107FC 11 GHz antenna has been redesigned to ensure the antenna complies with FCC Part 101 Category A standards.

"Until now, the only way to meet the FCC Category A requirements in the 11-GHz band was to use a four-foot antenna, but this is often an overkill from the required system gain perspective," RFS Area Product Manager Asad Zoberi said, "Furthermore, end users are constantly challenged by zoning and permit applications--they want antenna solutions that are smaller and more lightweight to minimize the tower loading. This three-foot antenna is a real breakthrough."

Zoberi said the antenna is ideal for point-to-point 11 GHz links spanning 5-20 miles. The 40 MHz wide channels in the 10.7-11.7 GHz band allow higher data transfer rates than the 5 MHz channels in the 10 GHz band, while not suffering as much rain attenuation as the 18 GHz band.

"Despite these attributes, the need for a four-foot antenna to meet the FCC Category A regulations had limited the use of the 11-GHz band, but this three-foot antenna is going to change all that," he said. "It will provide a new tool for the 11-GHz band to be utilized more efficiently."