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Shopping for Sony Blu-ray Players at… Blockbuster?

If the DVD rental thing doesn’t work out, maybe Blockbuster can find a new lease on life by selling next-gen disc hardware. It already has the outlets for it and an established brand name. While gradually moving part of its business to the mail-out and online “instant viewing” modes first popularized by Netflix, Blockbuster also has been quietly dedicating more and more of its shelf space to Blu-Ray Disc hardware (players) and software (Blu-ray titles) with special kiosks.

The in-store kiosk displays were set up in a co-op deal with Sony, which happens to make some of the players, as well as produce some of the movie titles.

As a result, Blockbuster said it finds itself selling an average of about 2,500 Blu-ray players a week now, according to published reports. That extrapolates out to about 130,000 units annually. Not exactly an overwhelming number, but not too shabby, either, for a movie rental firm.