Separate Blu-ray Optional Remote on Hand for PS3

Details were still emerging at press time about the availability of an optional remote control for the internal Blu-ray Disc drive in PlayStation 3, which will be released next month.

One of two ways that PS3 owners will be able to play Blu-ray discs, according to High-Def Digest, will be from a universal and highly sophisticated wireless game controller to be known as "Sixaxis"--so dubbed because it will have the ability to sense linear movement along six axis.

The second method will be use of a far simpler remote that apparently controls only the Blu-ray functions within the game console, thus, making it perhaps more desirable for consumers interested in a lower cost Blu-ray player (compared with the upcoming standalone unit) than in the game aspects of the PS3 console itself.

A Nov. 17 launch of PS3 in America has been in place for quite a while, but a release date for the optional Blu-ray remote has yet to be announced. (In Japan, it will not be available for about three weeks after the release of the PS3 console.)

PS3 gamers are expected to give a boost to Blu-ray (at the expense of HD DVD), since the next-gen disc technology comes as standard PS3 equipment. The price of the Blu-ray remote is expected to be about $30.