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SBE Provides ULS Assistance

Last January, the FCC made a declaratory ruling (Docket 05-23) which outlined the reworking of the Commission's Universal Licensing System (ULS). The Society of Broadcast Engineers, believed that the ruling was not clear with regard to BAS (broadcast auxiliary service) licenses) and that this could cause termination of some BAS licenses.

To help broadcasters safeguard BAS licenses, the SBE is providing instructions for broadcasters to preclude the automatic terminations that are set to begin on Feb. 1. These instructions are contained in a special document created by the SBE, "Avoiding Automatic Termination of Broadcast Auxiliary Licenses on 2/1/06." This document was initially published in an SBE e-newsletter and will also be published in the February issue of the SBE member newsletter, "The SBE Signal."

The FCC ULS contains an automated feature that flags the licenses, locations or frequencies not filing a timely notice of completion of construction or request for extension of construction or coverage period. The ULS will then notify licensees that licenses, locations or frequencies have been automatically terminated. The termination list will then be posted in a public notice on a weekly basis.