SBE files reply comments with FCC on opposition to reconsideration of 2GHz TV BAS plan

The Society of Broadcast Engineers in April filed comments with the FCC replying to MSS operator Globalstar’s opposition to an earlier petition for reconsideration of the February Report & Order allowing mobile satellite service providers to take over use of 2GHz TV BAS channels.

Specifically, the SBE asserted that channel A10 TV BAS stations do exist, and regardless of the number of grandfathered A10 users, MSS operators like Globalstar have an obligation to compensate those users for their relocation expenses.

Further, the SBE filing said that the A10 channel plays the important role in TV BAS operations of a safety valve, providing licensees with frequency to use when covering events outside of their market. Additionally, the society argued that to maintain the availability of three-channel TV BAS frequency, channel A8 and A9 must be converted to digital as well.

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