Satellite Update

Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary LLC (MSV) filed applications for consent to transfer control of its satellite licenses and authorizations to SkyTerra Communications Inc. These include space station (satellite) licenses, earth station licenses and an experimental license. MSV owns a U.S. licensed satellite and through Mobile Satellite Ventures (Canada) Inc., a Canadian licensed L-band satellite MSAT-1. The satellites provide maritime, land, and aeronautical satellite services, including voice and data. The FCC placed the applications on Public Notice (DA 06-1254) June 16, 2006. Petitions to deny must be filed by July 17, 2006, with oppositions due July 27, 2006 and replies due Aug. 1, 2006.

SES Astra announced that its new DBS satellite ASTRA 1KR has been deployed at 19.2 degrees East Longitude and is now operational. The satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral on April 20. ASTRA 1KR has 32 active transponders and provides service across Europe with an extended reach into Eastern Europe. It allows SES ASTRA to replace satellites ASTRA 1B and ASTRA 1C at the same location. ASTRA 1B had been in service for 15 years. For additional information on the satellite, visit SES ASTRA online.

In other satellite news, the FCC submitted its seventh report to Congress as required by the "ORBIT Act." The report outlines the actions taken by the FCC to ensure that INTELSAT, Inmarsat, and New Skies have been privatized in a pro-competitive manner, consistent with the privatization criteria of the ORBIT Act.

At the June 21 Open Commission Meeting, the FCC adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (not yet released) seeking comment on licensing an service rules for satellites authorized to provide service to the United States using the 17.3-17.7 GHz (downlink) and 24.75-25.25 GHz (uplink) frequency bands. Look for additional information on this in next week's RF Report.