Satellite Update

The FCC granted PanAmSat License Corporation's application for modification of its license for its C and Ku-band satellite PAS-5 at 166 degrees East Longitude (EL), allowing it to re-point the satellite's Ku-band Southeast Asia downlink beam to New Zealand. Other downlink beams in the C and Ku-bands will not change. PanAmSat's request for special temporary authority (STA) to re-point PAS-5's Southeast Asia downlink beam was "granted to the extent necessary and otherwise dismissed as moot." EchoStar's request for STA to conduct telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) operations related to the relocation of DBS satellite EchoStar 6 from 110.35 degrees West Longitude (WL) to 110.4 degrees WL and to continue TT&C operations at 110.4 degrees WL as required to maintain EchoStar 6 as an in-orbit spare with +/- 0.05 degree longitudinal station keeping. The STA is effective for 180 days, starting April 28, 2006. For more information these actions and another denying Intelsat's request to modify its license without prior authorization pursuant to Section 25.118(e), see FCC Report SAT-00358.

Only one application was included in FCC Report SAT-00359, which lists applications accepted for filing. XM Radio requested STA to operate one low power terrestrial repeater (less than 2 kW EIRP) at "weekly PGA Tour events occurring at various locations from July through December, 2006. For a copy of this application and a listing of the locations, go to the FCC IBFS Web page and enter "SAT-STA-20060421-00046" in the Quick Search box on the left after selecting "File Number" from the drop down menu. Click "Go" and when the file number appears in the listing in the main window of the site, click on it to see a listing of all the application items available for viewing. Click on "Attachment menu" then "Attachment narrative" for a listing of the locations.