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Satellite, cable 1080p services do not aim to compete with Blu-ray

The arrival of full-HD (1080p) television service is unlikely to affect sales of Blu-ray discs or players, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

The report, “Full HD: Blu-ray Camp Claims Broadcasters ‘Mislead’ Consumers,” contends that satellite and cable operators offering full-HD service are competing primarily with other cable and IPTV companies, not with the Blu-ray Disc format itself.

Recently DISH Network in the United States and French cable operator Numericable have begun offering full-HD programming in the 1080p format. The Blu-ray Disc Association has objected to claims that these services deliver HD picture and sound equal to that delivered by Blu-ray Disc and suggests that these comparisons are irresponsible and misleading to consumers. However, Strategy Analytics sees the move of satellite and cable companies into the full-HD arena as a means of increasing pressure on competitive services, not Blu-ray.

According to Strategy Analytics research, many consumers are confused by HDTV services. The company’s most recent survey found that 15 percent of European consumers believed they were receiving HDTV service, whereas the figure is only 2 percent.

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