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San Antonio Station Adds Beat the Traffic Service

San Antonio, Texas television station KABB has added Beat the Traffic’s animated 3D traffic map system as a service to its viewers.

The system provides information on traffic flow and speed, drive times and road incidents, all in real time. It is being used during KABB’s carriage of the Fox First morning show and is also available on the station’s Web site.

“Traffic is a serious and growing problem in San Antonio, where we are in constant debate over pending toll roads as well as gas taxes and growth in general,” said Greg Koelfgen, KABB news director. “There is no doubt traffic costs our area millions in lost productivity. Our new Beat the Traffic system allows us to produce dynamic, high-value traffic segments that give our viewers the information they need to make smart decisions, such as what time to leave or what route to take.”

The system not only provides motorists with information that can save commuting time and long waits, but also gives KABB reporters an indication of traffic problems or other breaking news events.