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Samsung Issues 3DTV Warning

Samsung’s Australian office has issued a warning about the health risks of watching 3DTV. The dangers are not a small consideration, based on the caveat emptor.

The warning explains that fluorescent lights may cause flicker in conjunction with the active-shutter glasses necessary for viewing 3D television. It recommends turning off “all fluorescent lighting and block[ing] sources of direct sunlight before watching in 3D mode.”

The advisory warns that “some viewers may experience an epileptic seizure or stroke when exposed to certain flashing images or lights contained in certain television pictures or video games.” It further advises that if individuals or their family members have a medical history that includes epilepsy or a stroke, they should consult a medical specialist before attempting to try out 3D television.

Viewers are cautioned to stop watching 3DTV displays immediately should they experience altered vision, lightheadedness, dizziness, involuntary eye movement or muscle twitches, confusion, nausea, convulsions, cramps disorientation or loss of awareness.

“Viewing in 3D mode may also cause motion sickness, perceptual aftereffects, disorientation, eye strain and decreased postural stability,” the warning continues. “It is recommended that users take frequent breaks to lessen the likelihood of these effects. If you have any of the above symptoms, immediately discontinue use of this device and do not resume until the symptoms have subsided.”

Watching 3DTV is contraindicated for people in poor health, and for those who are sleep deprived or drunk, according to the Samsung Australia advisory. It also recommends not placing a 3DTV near “open stairwells, cables, balconies or other objects that may cause you to injure yourself,” in the case of disorientation.