Rural N.Y. Community Builds White Space Wireless Broadband Net

THURMAN, N.Y.—Some time ago, a small Adirondack town, located some four hours from New York City, pegged its wish for community-wide wireless broadband communications on the availability of TV white space spectrum. That wish has now been granted.

Thurman, a community of 1,200 inhabitants, is located in a mountainous region of upstate New York and had wanted to implement affordable wireless broadband Internet access, but was stymied by rugged terrain and dense foliage that made conventional line-of-site wireless technology a non-starter.

Through a collaborative effort with local broadband providers and the country, Thurman town officials procured funding from the Statewide Connect New York Broadband Initiative and set about to implement a wireless broadband network using the lower spectrum frequencies afforded through unused television broadcast channels. That white space spectrum-based network is now operational and providing Thurman residents with community-wide wireless connectivity to the Internet.

The white space wireless network design was handled by Arcata, Calif.-based Carlson Wireless Technologies, with implementation was provided by Rainmaker Network Services, which is based in Chestertown, N.Y.

Additional information about other Carlson white space wireless broadband projects is available at online here and here.