RTDNA Releases Annual Women & Minorities Survey

WASHINGTON – The Radio Television Digital News Association has released its annual survey of the position of women and minorities in the industry, with the results yield both positive and negative trends.

First, according to the research, the number of women in broadcast newsrooms and in leadership roles has reached record levels. Women now make-up 42.3 percent of the TV news workforce and 39.2 percent of the radio news workforce, both of which are the highest they have ever been. In addition, the number of women and minority general managers has increased overall.

However, that seems to be one of the only areas of growth for minorities, according to RTDNA. The number of minorities in newsrooms has slipped, no longer keeping pace with the growth of the minority population overall. Minority news directors at non-Hispanic TV stations fell by three-tenths of a point, the fourth year in a row those numbers saw a decrease. Radio, meanwhile, saw a decline of 6.5 percent.

To see the full numbers and learn more about RTDNA’s report, visit www.rtdna.org.