Radamec firmly in control

U.K.-based Radamec Broadcast Systems, a provider of robotic control camera systems and virtual set systems, has introduced a new networkable control system that it said dramatically increases operability and functionality, and a highly precise pedestal navigation system.

The new Camera Network Control System allows control rooms to share studio and remote cameras, adding flexibility, ruggedness and network access. New features include a “learn mode” that memorizes the camera's position and orientation as the operator moves it, allowing subsequent replay of the original move.

Also new is a navigation system that improves on the accuracy of the company’s RP2A robotic pedestal. Using the FreeD camera positioning system, which uses passive ceiling targets, the technology provides an alternative for facilities that lack space to place navigation targets on the wall of a studio. In addition, precision is increased to virtual studio levels via continuous steering updates.

At the recent IBC conference, Radamec also exhibited its newly launched virtual television production system Scenario XR--in which the virtual and real video world can be mixed seamlessly in real time. Providing complete on-air interaction, Scenario-XR is based on Radamec’s Cross Reality technology, to enable real-time control of lighting, transparency and color, all within a 360 degree ray-traced virtual environment. Ray-tracing brings live reflections and refractions of scene elements in floors, tables, windows, walls etc., including all live video and application inserts.

The Scenario-XR system runs on Windows NT/2000 and is capable of inserting SDI video into the virtual set environment. The dedicated On-Air control panel enables conventional operator control and features a unique and intuitive touch-screen user interface. The color and lighting properties of inserted video, graphical and object elements are adjustable during transmission from the panel.

For further information: www.RadamecBroadcast.co.uk.

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