Quincy, IL, holds 9/11 dedication, remembrance ceremony

Quincy, IL, Mayor John Spring lead a 9/11 Remembrance and Dedication Ceremony on Sunday, Sept. 11, attended by first responders, community leaders, news media, the public and executives from Harris and its Broadcast Communications Division.

The City of Quincy dedicated a memorial to the victims of 9/11 featuring a 15ft long, 7000lb steel structure that was part of the antenna tower located on World Trade Center Building No. 1.

The structure supported a TV broadcast antenna that was designed and manufactured by Harris at its Quincy plant, still home to Harris radio and TV transmission manufacturing operations. Earlier in the summer, Harris participated in a commemorative Sept. 11 event to mark the return of the artifacts to Quincy.

Spring also presented a World Trade Center artifact to Harris representatives in recognition of the company’s direct support to the broadcasters of New York City prior to and following the tower collapse on 9/11. The artifact is on loan from the City of Quincy for public display at the local Harris manufacturing facility.

Among those killed in the 2001 attack were six broadcast engineers, including: Rod Coppola, PBS WNET; Donald DiFranco, WABC-TV; Steven Jacobsen, WPIX Tribune; Isaias Rivera and Bob Pattison, WCBS-TV; and William Steckman, WNBC-TV.