Quicklink Joins SRT Alliance

Quicklink SRT Alliance
(Image credit: Quicklink)

SWANSEA, U.K.—Quicklink has joined the SRT Alliance, the open-source initiative founded four years ago by Haivision to address low-latency video streaming, the company announced.

Quicklink has adopted the SRT (Secure, Reliable Transport) open-source protocol in its STS410 all-in-one hybrid switcher. The company plans to roll out SRT across its entire range of video and audio contribution solutions, it said.

With more than 450 members, the SRT Alliance is working to overcome the challenges of low-latency live streaming via the public internet by collaborating on development of SRT. SRT is a free, open-source video transport protocol and technology stack.

“We are seeing SRT gaining huge momentum as a video transport protocol within the industry. As a result of this growth, we have received a huge number of requests from customers to integrate SRT within the Quicklink solutions,” said Quicklink CEO Richard Rees. “We are delighted to join the growing community and contribute to the success of innovation through collaborative development.”

More information is available on the Quicklink website

Phil Kurz

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