Public Radio Station Uses Duct Tape to Stay on the Air

Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) found itself in a difficult situation as Hurricane Ivan was approaching the state. Time was limited and MPB had to choose between finishing repairs on WMAH Channel 19's TV antenna or shoring up the antenna for WMAH-FM. According to MPB news release, WMAH 19 and its DTV channel 16 were taken off the air to repair the antenna and transmission line.

I couldn't find any information about the FM antenna on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting web site, but an article on the Biloxi Sun Herald' by Kat Bergeron, Duct tape kept Miss. public radio on air said Texas tower company Coast to Coast was hired to do a quick a fix on the FM antenna.

The article quoted Keith Martin, MPB's technical services director: "Wrap around enough duct tape, and it apparently does work. We'd already learned that the tower was improperly installed two years ago, and it was scheduled to be fixed, but not before Ivan."

For more information on the station, the repairs, and its broadcasting during Hurricane Ivan, see the MPB web site and the complete article.