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P+S Technik to unveil PS-Cam X35 digital camera

P+S Technik, based in Germany, is showing its 35Digital all-purpose camera PS-Cam X35 digital camera at Cine Gear Expo this week in Los Angeles.

Details of the new camera have been a well-guarded secret. The company would only say the new PS-Cam X35 is designed as a robust and reliable workhorse expected to blaze new trails in the digital camera field. It is expected to take on RED cameras as a competitor.

Looking at a still image of the camera, P+S looks to have developed a digital camera that sits on the shoulder or mounts to tripods, dollies, remote heads, Steadicams, cars or 3-D rigs.

Alfred Piffl, the founder of P+S Technik, was once a designer at ARRI. He has a reputation of improving other cameras, including Super16 upgrades, BL and Moviecam Evolutions. P+S has developed Pro35 adaptors, IMS mounts, Skaters, SI-2Ks, Weisscams, 16Digital Mags and 3-D rigs.

In 1999, P+S TECHNIK began developing and manufacturing products for the field of digital cinematography, later starting to produce digital film cameras in 2006. In recent years, the company has become a market leader in providing professional 3-D rigs.