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Basic guidelines for writing a Broadcast Engineering Applied Technology article

Length, 1000 words

Graphics, one-two photos of technology in use. No “Hi mom” shots. (That means someone grinning at the camera.)

Copy deadline, 60 days prior to month of publication.


1) Describe the problem, issue, challenge. What needed to be solved or improved? Spend 100-200 words describing this area.

2) Describe your company’s particular solution/product. Mention product name. Describe key benefits, features, options. 100 words

3) Detail what the technology is, how it works, what makes it better/faster/whatever. Use about 500-600 words here. This is where you teach the reader about what’s “under the hood”. Let them understand the basic technology/process you use. It’s okay to say that because of your particular circuit, “speed is improved 20%, storage is 15% greater. Just do not make comparisons between other company products. Be sure you justify your claims in the test.

4) Summarize product and benefits. Spend 100-150 words.

5) Include one product photo, any needed block diagram or drawing can be done here. All we need is a sketch or photocopy.

6) General writing style. Be tutorial. Write as though you were talking directly to the reader. Don’t try and sell the product or use PR pitch. Such copy will be removed anyway. Limit product name mentions to less than six. Use generic equivalents in the remainder of the story. Examples; unit, modulator, switcher, router, camera. Think of an Applied Technology article as a mini-white paper.

Talk to the editor before you start the story. These stories run on a first-in, first-out, space available basis. If your story won’t run for four months, don’t panic in writing it. Also, you need to call the editor to confirm that you want to produce the story and tell him when it will be available.

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