Prairie Public Broadcasting Uses Controlware to Move to Digital

Prairie Public Broadcasting of Fargo, N.D. has selected Controlware Communications Systems Inc.'s network adapters to make the migration from analog to digital microwave transmission.

Prairie Public Television is broadcast on nine analog channels and eight digital channels featuring the same programming broadcast on analog channels, plus Prairie Public Television HD programming and additional PBS content. By providing flexible transmission of multiple ASI streams, Controlware adapters allow Prairie Public Broadcastings' staff to distribute programming through its network and to monitor remote cable feeds and the station's analog and digital transmitters, which serves all of North Dakota, parts of eastern Montana, northwest Minnesota, and southern Manitoba.

Controlware's network adapters support various digital interfaces to video CODECs including SDI, DVB/ASI, DVB/SPI, E3, DS3, E1, and T1. They bridge the gap between professional video applications and the demands of error-free, high-speed transmission with delivery at variable bit rates depending on the quality of the picture and/or the bandwidth required for a given output.

"We're a state network with a lot of links, and the Controlware gear has been ideal because it offers two-way audio and video transmission capability, making it easy for us to monitor our remote transmitters, distribute content, and get return feeds back from our remote studios," said John Peterson, operations manager at Prairie Public Broadcasting.

The implementation of Controlware ATM equipment also positions Prairie Public Broadcasting to meet the requirements of the 2-GHz relocation project mandated by the FCC, and requiring broadcasters to upgrade their transmission facilities for operation within the 2025-MHz to 2110-MHz spectrum.