Prague Court Again Cancels RRTV DTV Allocation

Another Czech broadcaster, Galaxie Sport, won a lawsuit against the Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting (RRTV) for the Council's allocation of six digital TV channels. The decision, like the one last week in favor of CET 21, license holder for nationwide TV Nova in Czechoslovakia, canceled RRTV's digital TV license allocations. As noted in last week's RF Report, the broadcasters that were successful in obtaining licenses are considering suing RRTV if their licenses are revoked. There is also concern that these court decisions will delay the introduction of digital TV in Czechoslovakia.

Similar to the previous case, the court said RRTV's arguments were inconsequential. RRTV's consideration of the bidders' program material was also a mistake, according to a published report. The TV Nova general manager said, "The RRTV preferred a certain program portfolio during the tender, and it disqualified other bidders."

For more information, see "Court cancels digital TV license allocation by RRTV again" in the Prague Monitor and "Digital TV could face new delay" in the Prague Post.