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Philips Launches Chip for DVB-H Reception on Cell Phones

Philips Electronics is launching a System-in-Package (SIP) the size of a thumbnail that will include all the functionality of a complete DVB-H digital TV receiver.

"This is a revolutionary development, integrating all the components of a digital TV receiver into a space small enough to fit into a mobile phone. As a broadcast technology, watching TV on the mobile phone is the natural progression from listening to radio and downloading video clips," said Mario Rivas, executive vice president, Communications Businesses at Philips Semiconductors,

Handset vendors participating in the next phase of the DVB-H trials will be able to obtain a small system board in the second quarter of 2005. Later this year a SIP will be available that will offer a smaller footprint and lower power consumption, allowing more than 10 hours of viewing before consumers will need to recharge their phones. The SIP will also support over-the-air software updates from DVB-H broadcasts.

For more information on the SIP and the software Philips will be offering to work with it, see the Philips Semiconductor press release Philips launches solution for TV on mobile.