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Pharos Pilot MCR takes control of Media House

Trans World International (TWI) has chosen the Pharos Pilot MCR as its primary routing and device control system for the company's newly equipped Media House facility.

TWI produces, packages and distributes more than 6,000 hours of television programming each year.

Located in Chiswick on the western approach to central London, Media House is one of Britain's largest television facilities, serving independent producers and its IMG parent group.

"When we moved into this building in December 2002,” explained TWI chief engineer Richard Allingham, “we wanted a computer-controlled system to provide a unified interface. We had been monitoring this sector of the market for some years and chose the Pharos Pilot MCR because of its high flexibility. Pilot MCR controls our routers and a wide range of ancillary equipment including synchronizers, aspect ratio converters, proc amps, legalizers, safe-area generators, line-identifiers, SDI audio shufflers and satellite dish positioners.

The Pilot MCR enables TWI's master control room operators to work with a software-based touch-screen panel. TWI's main router is 256 square. The station also has a 128-squared SDI matrix for VTR and a 64 squared for gallery operation. An additional 32-squared matrix is used for the edit suites.

For more information, please visit Pharos at and Trans World International (TWI) at

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