PBS Hawaii Returns to ProTrack TV

NORTHHAMPTON, MASS.— Myers announced that PBS Hawaii is returning to their ProTrack broadcast management technology as part of a station-wide technology update. ProTrack will be the primary user interface for PBS Hawaii to manage its broadcast content from the point of acquisition through to play-out and storage. In addition, it will provide them with a platform to schedule, monetize, and traffic all of their distribution channels.

To maintain operational continuity, Myers will provide bi-directional integration between its ProTrack technology and PBS Hawaii’s current Grass Valley automation and Masstech media enterprise systems. These multi-point interfaces will enable ProTrack to serve up actionable insight, automate multi-system workflows, and improve transparency across departments.

In addition, PBS Hawaii installed ProTrack’s ProWeb module which provides an interactive schedule environment to website so viewers have real-time access to PBS Hawaii’s broadcast schedules and program metadata.