Paxson sells Shreveport station

Paxson Communications is selling KPXJ-TV in Minden, Louisiana to KTBS for $10 million. Whether the deal will hold up should the full Congress vote to repeal the FCC’s new duopoly rules, which would allow a company to own two stations in the same market, is unclear.

KTBS-DT Shreveport, La., (pictured) may purchase KPXJ-TV from Paxson Communications for $10 million if Congress votes to repeal the FCC's new duopoly rules.

Currently, there is an FCC freeze on new commercial broadcast station sales, pending federal implementation of new ownership rules. With uncertainly over the rules and calls for a stay on their implementation, it is not known how long the freeze will endure.

KTBS serves the same Shreveport, Louisiana market and already sells advertising for the Paxson station under a joint sales agreement. If approved, the sale could occur by early fall.

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