OMVC survey reveals mobile viewers watch more local news, weather

The Open Mobile Video Coalition released findings of a midterm report of its Washington, D.C., Mobile DTV Showcase as tracked by Rentrak’s Mobile Essentials system. In May, 150 Sprint customers with special Samsung Moment phones and 200 consumers with prototype Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbooks were chosen to test mobile DTV for the Washington, D.C., Consumer Showcase.

Results showed that viewing is heaviest during the week and spread throughout the day, and the most popular mobile program is local news. Consumers watch mobile DTV at home, when others are watching the family big-screen TV, but they also watch outside of the home, while commuting on public transportation, on lunch breaks or while waiting in line. Rentrak also discovered that viewing spikes when there is an approaching storm or other potential public safety emergency. The report also noted that consumers in the showcase did not want to give up their mobile DTV devices when their period of participation ended.

ION Media Network CEO Brandon Burgess, who also serves as OMVC president, said that the showcase will continue through September and October, using new devices including LG mobile DTV combined with a portable DVD player. Focus groups in mid-October are slated to evaluate viewing habits and mobile DTV performance.