Number of European IPTV subscribers to exceed 22 million in 2012, says report

At the end of last year, the number of IPTV subscribers across Europe reached more than 8 million with net additions for 2007 reaching 3.2 million homes, according to a new report.

The report, “'IPTV Business Models: Profit and loss in the telco TV space,” offers a look at the various business models and strategies adopted by European IPTV service providers.

Available from, the report also projects that by 2012, the number of European homes subscribing to IPTV service will exceed 22 million.

Among its other findings:

  • Many IPTV operators suffer from a restrictive consumer level bandwidth bottleneck. Roughly 80 percent of European IPTV customers subscribe to a service that is not capable of delivering 720p HD video to all subscribers.
  • IPTV service offerings fall into three rough tranches: TV bundled free with broadband, basic pay and premium IPTV.
  • Assessment of costs involved in IPTV set-up and operation suggest that offering free bundled IPTV solely for the sake of churn reduction cannot be justified from a financial perspective.

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