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'Nonlinear Device Detection Proof of Concept' and Other Grants

One of the more interesting licenses listed in the latest Experimental Actions (Report 413) is WE2XPL, issued to Superconductor Technologies Inc. for operation in the 902–928 MHz band to support a military contract for the “Nonlinear Device Detection Proof of Concept Program.”

The application describes the project this way: “Our project will transmit small >20 W pulsed RF signals and measure the reflections. We will then compare the results in time and frequency of different nonradiating targets on the ground. The measurement system including the antennas will be at ground level (less than 10 feet). Our intent is to make the measurements in a lemon grove behind our facilities in Santa Barbara.” The location is Goleta, Calif.

Other grants issued recently include Boeing, which received license WE2XRB to perform operational checks of the AN/ARC-210 radio using the six-meter ham band (50–54 MHz) as well as 72–73 MHz and 75.4–76 MHz. Mobile operation will take place in a 200 mile radius around the McConnell AFB flight line and up to 38,000 feet altitude near Wichita, Kan.

Refer to the Experimental Actions (Report 413) for a complete list of grants between May 1, 2008 and June 1, 2008.

Doug Lung is one of America's foremost authorities on broadcast RF technology. He has been with NBC since 1985 and is currently vice president of broadcast technology for NBC/Telemundo stations.