New video card enables HD broadcasts on a PC

North American HDTV broadcasts can be viewed on a PC with the new HDTV Wonder video card from ATI Technologies.

HDTV Wonder allows reception of ATSC digital, free-to-air HD broadcasts without having to subscribe to cable or satellite subscription services. NTSC signals are also supported on the card. HDTV Wonder also offers an advanced personal video recorder (PVR) on the PC, enabling users to watch, pause and record both analog and HD programs.

The new device, combined with ATI’s Multimedia Center software suite, also features the ability to archive content directly to DVD for personal use. It complements ATI’s Radeon line of video cards that deliver full HDTV decoder and display capabilities.

HDTV Wonder incorporates ATI’s NXT2004 VSB/QAM receiver designed to receive off-air DTV signals in a wide variety of challenging terrestrial signal reception environments. NXT2004 integrates features such as advanced multipath cancellation, tuner control and all-digital carrier recovery circuitry that eliminates the need for any other external components.

Starting this spring, HDTV Wonder will be available as a bundled purchase with selected All-in-Wonder video cards and separately on followed by broad distribution in retail stores. Additionally, it will be will be offered in Hy-Tek’s Tekpanel 300HD and the Tekpanel 370HD wide-screen all-in-one multimedia computers.

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