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New report examines transformational impact of interactive technology on sports TV

The fan experience with television sports is poised for a dramatic change as new interactive technologies literally transform passive viewers into active participants, according to a new report.

The study, Interactive TV: The Opportunities for Sport, was compiled by It examines the new interactive functions that are being included in the launch of digital television networks worldwide. Interactive technology promises to enrich the viewing experience and build fan loyalty with broadcasters, teams and entire sports.

The report looks at the emerging market for interactive television and how it will benefit sports rights holders, sponsors and broadcasters.

Among the topics covered:

  • The effect of interactive TV (iTV) on sports broadcasting;
  • The most compelling iTV sports applications worldwide;
  • Revenue-generating opportunities from participation in TV services, such as e-mail, text messaging and chat;
  • The indirect economic benefits of different iTV functions;
  • The potential and limitations for iTV sports betting and games;
  • Possible iTV functions and models;
  • How personal video recorders affect TV sports rights revenue and the sports sponsorship field.

A free executive summary of the report is available from

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