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New Jersey official questions New York TV tower

Several proposals for a 2000-foot broadcast tower to serve local New York Broadcasters are being considered.
Photo credits: Architect, Gregory J. Higgins; Tower Engineer, Geiger Engineers; Artist's rendering: Peter Coe

With New York City's mayor against plans to build a new broadcast antenna tower in the wake of the loss of the World Trade Center, New York City broadcasters have turned to neighboring New Jersey to find a site to build what, at 2,000 feet, would become the world's tallest free-standing structure.

However, Bradley M. Campbell, New Jersey's state environmental commissioner, has given the idea a lukewarm reception. Campbell recently sent a letter to New York's Metropolitan Television Alliance (MTVA) asking for some evidence that such a tower is in the public's best interest.

"There is currently no record to support the conclusion that siting the proposed tower in New Jersey, let alone at a particular site in New Jersey, is a sound public-policy choice," Campbell told MTVA president Ed Grebow.

The MTVA has until Jan. 8 to answer a list of questions posed by Campbell, and the broadcaster's group said it plans a timely response.

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